The best getaway for a perfect holiday
This is an activity for all ages, and abilities, with many different routes.  In one of the small kayaks, with a paddle in hand, you'll get a chance to explore even the most hidden parts of the Cetina gorge.
* Three hours, five miles route down the lower, tranquil part of Cetina river
* Traveling down the route once taken by the Omis pirates (gusari)
* Traveling through the delta where river Cetina runs into the Adriatic
* Photos and videos of your river adventure taken by the guide with a high-tech camera free of extra charge
* Suitable for all ages.
* Scuba diving and exploring a ship sank during the WWII, located at only 3 meters below the surface.

PRICE PER PERSON: 250 Kuna / 34 Euros
Experienced guides will lead you from the centre of Omiš, through well maintained trails to the highest mountain tops with stunning views, old forts, and picturesque old villages.
* Three to four hours of hiking or running (distance 2.340 m)
* Climb to the Fortica fortress (at 303 m above sea level), one of the town's most impressive landmarks that played a significant role in the history of Omiš (which our experienced guides will tell you more about ...)
* An amazing view of the Dalmatian Islands (Brač, Hvar, Šolta...)
* Crossing creeks and mountain ravines
* No experience necessary.  Trails are chosen based on your age and fitness level (valid for all programs)
* Suitable for all age groups (valid for all programs)

* Three to four hours of hiking or running (distance 9.750 m )
* Climb to the Chapel of Our Lady of Snow at 406 m above sea level. The chapel owes its name to a miracle story, passed down by locals for decades, of snowfall on that very mountain top in the middle of the summer, on August 5th.   
* Breathtaking view of Omiš and the islands of Central Dalmatia.

Three to four hours of hiking or running (distance 4.350 m)
* View of the biggest waterfall in all of Croatia (130 m high)
* View of one of the most popular cliffs for free climbing and mountaineering in all of Croatia.

PRICE PER PERSON: 200 Kuna /27 Euros
Canyoning BASIC
There is no better way to experience all the wonders of Cetina river than canyoning.  It combines a walk along the river, bathing in its waterfalls, and canoeing down the river.

Canyoning ADVANCED
For those eager to try an extreme adrenaline experience, the Advanced Canyoning Program includes abseiling down 60 m along the waterfall of Great Gubavica, as well as the total basic canyoning program.
* 5 hours of fun in pristine and spectacular nature
* Touring the hidden and most spectacular corners of the Cetina river canyon
* Canyon depth of 200 meters
* Swimming in small, natural pools
* Constant supervision by professional and equipped guides
* Not recommended for children under the age of 10
* No experience necessary
* All necessary equipment obtained at the start of the canyoning tour.
* Diving from cliffs into crystal clear azure river
* All you need are basic swimming skills and, of course, a little bit of adventure spirit

PRICE PER PERSON: 350 Kuna /47 Euros BASIC

Whether you are taking your first steps into rock climbing, or looking to test your abilities, once you reach the top you are handsomely rewarded with the view of the old town, the Dalmatian islands and the canyon of Cetina river.
* Climbing to the height of 30 meters
* Constant supervision by professional rock climbers
* Safe for all ages, including children ages three and up
* Three hours of fun
* No experience necessary
* All necessary gear such as climbing shoes, climbing belt and helmets included

PRICE PER PERSON: 300 Kuna /40 Euros
Have a completely new experience and adventure that you will not soon forget, with a dose of high adrenaline fun, while sliding at high speed down 2 km long wires running at some 100 m above the river.
* 8 lines, totalling 2100 meters in length
* Highest speed of 65 kilometers
* Longest line of 700 meters
* Height of 150 meters
* Instructions, and a short walk through pristine nature
* Meets all safety requirements per Statute on safety of the Republic of Croatia
* Constant supervision by licensed and experienced guides

PRICE PER PERSON: 400 Kuna/55 Euros

Equally enjoyable for nature lovers and those seeking an adrenaline packed activity,  that provides an opportunity to feel the fierce power of nature.
* 11.5 kilometres course down the Cetina river, in a raft
* Total slope from start to finish of 45 meters
* 3 hours of fun on a course that includes tunnels, rocks and caves
* Medium speed, with deep, serene lakes, ideal for swimming
* The course includes passages through tunnels formed by the natural vegetations of the river banks
* No experience necessary
* All the skippers are experienced, trained and licensed for rafting on the Cetina river
* Not recommended for children under the age of seven

PRICE PER PERSON: 250 Kuna /34 Euros
ALL DAY BOAT TRIP – swimming in a clear blue water away from crowded beaches, and tourist destinations.
* Boat trip to Brac, an island with picturesque villages and pristine coast
* Swimming in the middle of Brac canal, at depth of 60 meters
* Swimming at Lovrecina beach, one of Brac’s most beautiful beaches
* Lunch made with original Dalmatian ingredients (fish or meat)
* Local wine (red or white), beer and juices
* Playing “picigin” at Lovrecina beach.  This game originated in Split in 1906, and is still being played by the same rules
* Visit to Pucisce, a town in which almost all houses are made of world famous Brac Stone (front part of the White house in * Washington DC and Budapest parliament building  were party built with stone from Pucisce)
* Visit to the masonry school in Pucisce., the only school of its kind in Croatia, and only one of the few in Europe.  This school is over a 100 years old, and some of the tools used for masonry work remain unchanged from the Roman times
* Visit to stores that sell souvenirs made of Brac stone
* Swimming in the sunset
* Maximum occupancy o the boat is seven.  In case of larger group, there is an option of renting an additional boat

Once a meal of poor peasants, today "soparnik" is a culinary delicacy with protected geographical origin. 

We offer a gastronomic excursion that not only gives you a chance to taste, but also invites you to participate in the preparation of the meal, the origins of which date back 900 years, to  the medieval Poljica Republic, conquered only by Napoleon in the early 19th century.
* Sightseeing adventure of vantage points with amazing views of the Cetina river, the town of Omis and Dalmatian islands
* Learning about the history of the Poljica Republic
* Visit with a local family and tasting of local aperitifs.
* Local wine and cheese tasting.
* Participation in preparation of soparnik, the way it was made 900 years ago.
* Tasting of soparnik
* Excursion lasts approximately 2 to 3 hours. 

Price: 1.000 Kunas/135 Euros
(price does not include transfer). 
Max 10 people per group.